Friday, August 31

sooo slleeepppyy

So, yeah Friday!!
And Yeah 3 day weekend! Labor day Luau here I come :D

Tonight is my son's first home game of the season! I'm soo excited, I can't remember the last Varsity game I've been to, but it would probably be accurate to say I had a trombone in my hand!
They are supposed to set aside an area of the stands just for parents, so that should be nice!

I'm going to try to stop by cc Saturday edition this week to show off my first sock, started second sock and finished giganto blankie!
Then the Las Vegas Showgirlz are playing the New Mexico Burn!

I'm going to try to finally finish my bathroom redo on Sunday! My brother and his family are going to be here in a couple weeks, and I would really like to have that done! My hubby mentioned working on my bike that day, so we'll see what happens.

Then Monday is LABOR DAY! No work, and hangin' out at my best friend's pool, eating way yummy food! A couple of my teammates are Hawian, so they are helping with some recipes!



Angie said...

It will be nice to see you if you can make it. Yeah on going to see your son's game! Yeah for no work on Monday! I will post something soon, I promise.


Anonymous said...

go band!
Wish jake good luck, and good luck to you on your game.