Monday, August 27

Monday Monday la la la la la

So, sorry I have not been posting much this month, I have been too busy at work! :(
Not to mention what football has done to my weekends!

Well, our game against LA was this week. We did not win, but I think we played much better this week than we did last week!
It started and ended with a 5 hour bus trip! I'm glad that I got to learn the "bring a pillow" lesson on the short trip!
Our next game is here in Vegas this Saturday against New Mexico (no, I do not know why LA and New Mexico have the same colors?).
Please come see us if you can, we are going to win this one!!

I finished my FIRST sock! Alas, the poor guy will probably never get a mate. On the way to LA, I started my next sock. I am planing on this one to be the start of my first pair! It is in Lion brand Microspun Royal blue. It is going to be a leg warmer/ sandle sock thing. I am making up the pattern for the leg warmer part as I go, and I am going to put a "cuff" half way down the foot and not put a toe on it... if you can't picture it, that's ok, I'll post pics of the progress as I make it :) Has anyone else worked with this yarn? It is very "splitty"! There was about 3 yards of yarn balled up and shoved in the center of the skein, and I have come across 3 knots already! What the ?? I like the yarn though, so I will tough through this pair!

Giganto blankie got some work done on it yesterday. I can't believe the wedding is only 12 days away! -2 Fridays for Jake's football, -1 Saturday for my game, - 6 weekday nights for football practice, and -1 for the Labor Day Luau (woo hoo). So what does that leave me with; tonight, Sunday, and umm.. that's it! WHAT!! I think I need to go home sick!!

My son had his first Varsity Game this weekend! I didn't get to go to it :( It was in UTAH and I wouldn't have made it home in time to leave for my game :(
He won though!!! woo hoo!
Last but not least, the kids started back to school today! This is the middle one's last year :D

Well, that pretty much brings me up to date! I will try to post some pics later this week.



Mary Sarah said...

Hi! Sorry about your game! Bummer. Next time! I don't know how you manage to do everything you do! Just hearing about it makes me tired! I forgot to tell you that I found the 2 transformers you helped me with. They were a big hit! They weren't available in San Antonio (??). So, thank you!

Anonymous said...

better luck next week. Tell Jake congrats on his game and good luck to the kids for the school year. How's the bike going?