Friday, August 10

ou quit it!

So, I have bruises from my shoulders to my hands :( I love hitting people playing football!!
Our first game is a week from tomorrow!! I hope to see alot of you there!
I will have my FIRST sock there if anyone wants to see it :D
But giganto blanket has to stay home! hahaha

I was reading the yarn harlot today, she was talking about Stitch 'n Pitch!
A couple of you ladies from CC were talking about coming to a home game, you have to bring yarn!! :D
Also, our home games are televised the Tuesday after on channel 19. We will be meeting at a bar to be named later to watch them! Maybe cc could join us for one of them ?!? Just an option.
I miss you guys ;(
I keep thinking I'm going to make it to a Saturday meeting, but it just hasn't worked out that way yet.

I'm not sure if you remeber my friend Suzie or not, but I finally remembered to give her the book that taught me how to read patterns! She has a flight to NY tomorrow morning, so that will give her some quiet time to get started.
I'm hoping that when I return to cc, after football season, she will become a regular member :)

Well, I have to get back to work now!

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Angie said...

I am pretty sure I left you a message that I can't come a week from Saturday. :( But, I have something I want to give you so you need to come this coming Saturday to Borders if you can. I REALLY wish I could make it to your first game, I had been planning on it since you first started playing. But, I will bring yarn to the next one and maybe we can all meet (at the currently undisclosed location) to watch the game on TV. I really, really miss you.