Thursday, May 17

Quiet car.. and shopping!!

So, I was working on changing my front brake pads on my car.. (ie I got the tire off and identified the bolts that needed to be removed). Well, said bolts were VERY tight! I asked the hubby if he could loosen them for me, and he grabbed the pnuematic hammer wrench thing.. well, damn why didn't I think of that?? hahaha
So, my role changed from mechanic to supervisor. (tool getter and flash light holder.. oh yeah, and photo taker) I will have to post the pics later, they are at home on my camera, and I am at work... :(
But my brakes work.. quietly :D
So, I signed all my papers for my house last night.. and Thumper is a SUPER REALTOR!! If anyone is looking for a realtor, a finance person, or an escrow agent, let me know.. I have good ones :D And they don't know about my blog, so I'm not just trying to get them to hurry and record the transation today so I can get me keys tonight instead of tomorrow night! hahahha

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Anonymous said...

Whatever role you play, I am sure you are great at it! hehe Will watch for the pics.