Tuesday, May 29

Disconnected! :(

So, its amazing how dependant I have become on the internet!! I left work early on Friday to finish up a few things on the house before the mass hysteria of moving this weekend, so it's been 96 hours since I've been online!
Don't get me wrong, I have been so busy, that I probably would not have had time to post much, but I have not even been able to check my bank account or even look for the nearest Taco Bell!!
Hopefully I will have the putter back up and online sometime Wed. night. Why not tonight you ask?? Well its Tuesday.. which means CC woo hoo... I missed last week, and I thought about missing this week so I could get some of the house put together, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided that it is far more important to go crochet in a bar than to work on unpacking! I have all the manditory stuff found!! you know soap.. toothbrush... clean undies!!

So, all of our stuff is in OUR house, and the keys have been turned in to the b!tch.. I mean landlord!! I really dislike her. The only nice thing I can say about her is that she has proven that I have not completely lost my ability to see through sweet talk to the crap beneath. That's all I'll say about that..

I have not gotten any crochet done like all month!! :( I also have not been making it to the gym regularly :( I did get back to the gym this morning, and the scale was kind.. cause although I have been eating like crap since I haven't been able to cook, I have also been getting a good work out at work and at home... I've been moving for like 15 hours a day!

Speaking of work, I'll talk to ya'll later :D


Anonymous said...

You have been working soooo hard on your new home but I am glad you are taking a break tonight to come to CC. We really missed you last week.


Anonymous said...

hey I'm ready to see some new pics.!!! I'm happy for you and the family about the new house.