Monday, May 14

Monday's over.

So, I had a post already to publish last night, then my hubby sat down at the computer and closed the window.. then he started playin' a game, and I went to bed.. hahaha

Anyways, here is a pic of my family at a motorcycle run on the 6th.

That is my hubby and the oldest in the background, the middle one taking pics, and the youngest playin' guitar :) Spread out family photo :D

The oldest is back in AL to await her transfer to FL for more training... I'm soooo proud of her!

This is my little niece Brie... what a beautiful baby.. and the blankie is nice too!!(I made it :D)

This is my sister's grandson.. I made that blankie too :)

I am currently working on a poncho for a friend's b-day, and tomorrow night, if I can make it to cc, we are going to start a saraphina(sp) shawl.. I hope I can make it.

So, I was supposed to do the last check of my house tonight to see if the sellers fixed some stuff, but there was a mix up with the realtor, then when we finally both got there together, we found that the key had been removed from the lock box so we couldn't even get in! To make it worse, from what we could see through the windows, nothing was fixed! Wait, I take that back.. someone swept all of the pine needles off of the roof and left them like a thick blanket on the ground!! GRRRR

I'm supposed to close tomorrow people! Do you want to sell the house or not!! If I haven't seen the inside, I'm not signing the papers!! To make things worse, their realtor told our realtor that they live out of state, but on the county assessors page, it says that the owner of the house lives 4 houses down from the one that they are selling us!?

I hate liers.. especially when they are trying to steal from me... I just want them to do what they promised.. is that too much to ask?.. apparently!

OK, I'm better now hahahaha. On the plus side, if I don't have to go sign papers tomorrow, then I will have no problem making it to cc! :D

Well, I have a bed covered in clean clothes that need to be put away before I can go to bed! So, sweet dreams.

Night :D

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