Saturday, April 12

sooo slleeeppy

So, this week was a "dark" week at work. That means there are no shows, which means that we, as technicians, got to tear a bunch of stuff up! It all appears to be back together now, but we are here [on Saturday :( ] to make sure everything was put together right. :D

I have a bunch of pictures at home from Jeni's wedding, but I have not uploaded them to photobucket yet. Unfortunately, just as the happy newly married was walking back up the isle together, my camera decided that it was no longer going to work!!

We left the reception a little early and went by to see if the warranty was still valid, and of course, it ran out about a month ago :( So I have no pics from when I picked up my son and his girl from prom that night! :( The hubby is out and about today trying to see if anyone here in town can fix it. He is soo great :D

I bought some beads yesterday to make some "snag-free" stitch markers, they will be in my etsy shop sometime next week. (I hope.) I'll let yall know.

Oh.. I started my first sweater! It is a hooded pull-over for my niece. I'm making it a size 2T even though she just turned one, because I want to finish it and mail it to her before she out grows it!! hahaha I will steal my son's camera to post pics of it soon if my camera is still broken.

Well, I need to go SCUBA in the freshly re-filled pool. The water is a cold murky 65 :( I think I'm going to need the thick wet-suit! Hopefully all will be well and I will be able to get out of here soon.


I bought my plane ticket for my daughters Army EOD graduation! We are going to be driving back across the country the second to last week in May! I will find a way to take pics!!!


Amy said...

Stupid technology! I am eagerly awaiting those pictutes! :)

Mary Sarah said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the d@&# camera! Bummer!!! Can't wait to hear/see about the sweater you started. Have fun scuba diving! Sounds cold, but fun!