Monday, April 28

New Colorways

So, I spent all weekend dying yarn and making stitch markers. But, I still have not heard back from Sony, so I have no pics :(
I tried taking pics with my phone, it didn't pick up the colors.. then I tried with my son's camera again, but alas it does not take close-ups at all! The colors are there, but you can't even tell that it is a skein of yarn!
I'm going to call the camera shop today, just in case they lost my number and were unable to call me with a quote.
I have almost finished knitting a little sun dress for my niece, as soon as it is done, it will be sent with the sweater and the little gorilla "piggy" bank. It should get to her just shy of 2 months late.. I'm such a bad aunt!
Well, without pics to show you, that's all I got :(

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