Wednesday, April 30

New yarn debut

So, I got a call from the camera shop on Monday, and I gave the OK to the quote to fix my camera!!!! She told me that I should have it back in 10 business days at the longest!!! WOO HOO my camera is getting fixed.
I took my new yarn and new stitch markers to cc last night. I think each color got an " i like this one". :) That makes me very happy! I hope the ladies aren't just being nice. I will find out this Saturday.
The very nice owner of the LYS where I buy my dye has asked that I bring in some yarn to show her. Since I forgot last time, I decided to not sell any of this batch until I show her. If you are reading this and you want a specific color that you saw last night, leave me a not in the comments. If someone buys it Saturday, I'll make another one before next Tuesday.



Mary Sarah said...

Hey! No, I'm not that nice. LOL! Your yarns are fabulous!!! I liked the pinks and grays yarn, but if you sell and want to experiment with colors, that's fine with me. I like bright colors, but not orange. Picky, picky... See ya!

Angie said...

I really liked them as well, not just being nice. Of course I have my favorites, LOL. I know your yarn is going to sell.


courtney said...

I'm not that nice either:):) I really love them...all! If I was rich you could just be my own personal dye'r and I would buy everything lol! I'm not sure what I "need" yet but I'll email you:) Good luck on sat (even though you don't need it)!