Wednesday, April 2

It's up!

So, thank you to the lovely Las Vegas Hookers for helping me name my hand dyed yarn!
The shop is now open, you can click on the link over on the left to get to my site!

CC was awesome last night. It was small, but it was really good to see everybody and we got to meet our new waitress. Hopefully she hangs with us for a while.

My friend Jeni will be here tomorrow!!! I can't believe its already time for her wedding! I'll have a bunch of great pics to share with ya'll next week I'm sure!



Angie said...

I am heading over to your new shop right after I leave this comment. Congratulations! :)


SueKnits4Fun said...

FYI, there are a couple of yahoogroups where you can promote your yarn! and I'm guessing you already know about the ravelry yarn sales group?

You have a remarkable eye! Can't wait for phoenix to get here!!