Monday, November 19

Who wants to be a biker?

So, I'm going to start with Sunday and move back across my weekend, just for a change of pace :)

Sunday was the Turkey Run! It was a great day for riding, and my club had a pretty good turn out. Recently, a lot of new ladies have been showing interest in our club, its very exciting.
Anywho... at the end of the run, there were several vendors set up. I was looking through the usual biker jewelry, patches, pins, sun-glasses, and leather jackets.. then I saw this.
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It's the "who wants to be a biker?" starter kit!! hahaha
No need to put thought into what you want on your new jacket or vest, let us show you what's cool! Buy a vest, get a pin starter kit half off!! hahahahah

Saturday, my YOUNGEST got his drivers license! He passed the drivers test on his first try and I got some x-mas knitting done!
Speaking of, I got the first sock of a pair done.
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I know it looks weird, but the leg part of it is ribbing and the foot is stockinette and the ladies foot is really small.. so stop laughing at me alright!!

ummm.. after the DMV, there was a red hat event! We met for lunch at a golf course, then we went to a show. It was 15ish retired show girls and singers that have put together a very entertaining lunge act!
One of the dancers is 92!! I will post pics and the name of the show when I have the info in front of me.
Then I went home and knit.

That leaves Friday night... my son drove my bff and myself to dinner and practiced parallel parking.
Then I knit.


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Mary Sarah said...

I'm not laughing at your sock! It looks great! I can't knit a sock yet! Great job! What a great weekend!