Thursday, November 1

New Colors

So, I hope you like my new fall colors!

I'm feeling autumny today.

Last night, the plan was to finish up the cable scarf that I have been working on.. instead, I started a sock!

This is the Knit Picks Memories in Red Hat from Angie (thank you)! I'm loving it so far. This is a super easy pattern from "Learn to Knit Socks". It is a 2x2 rib leg and a stockenet foot. It has a different heel than my first sock had, it is a sl, k repeat across and then a sl, p across heel. From the pics, it looks like it goes better with the ribbing.

I'm going to knit club tonight! They found me on Ravelry, they sound like fun. If it gets over before I'm done knitting, I'm going to go check out the once a month knit club that the ladies from my cc go to.


1 comment:

Angie said...

You are so very welcome. :)

Sock is looking good, no surprise there. See you Tuesday.