Wednesday, November 7

nobody 3.(not telling)

So, I started going to the gym again last week! I was on a break while I played football. The assumption that all the running and hitting and everything else was burning calories so I didn't need to also go to the gym in the mornings was wrong.. but I'm ok now.

The one fitnessy thing that I did get from football, is that a very nice wide receiver/ personal trainer outlined a new work out for me.
I'm trying it, I'll let ya'll know when I start seeing results :)

Last night was cc! :) There were MANY cers and kers too!! We had all of the tables connected and had to keep adding chairs! Very cool!!!!
If you are ever in Vegas, be sure to check out O'Aces on Rainbow and Cheyenne! They are very nice, and if you stop by on a Tuesday night, we will be there!

We decided to start a cc knit night. We are going to be meeting on Thursday nights in a bar closer to my house :D Its still pretty much on the west side, but its southwest. If they are half as nice as the people at O'Aces, this will be fun!

So, I finished the "Santa" hat that I was working on last night, the pattern did not turn out looking like a Santa hat at all!!!
I even ripped it back once and tried to alter it a little.. turns out, it needs to be altered a lot!!
It turned out looking like a phallic cross between a tele tubie and a Dr. Seuss character!
There is no way I'm putting that out into the world, especially on my hubby's head!!
The Santa hat saga continues tonight! I'm going to go straight home, make a simple dinner, and knit till its right!

Speaking of knitting till its right.. I've been working on a "red hat" sock. I kinda felt that it was knitting up a little lose (stitch wise not diameter wise), but since it is ribbed all the way down, I was going to keep knitting and hope for the best. Well, I knew that I had a weird ladder thing going on in between two of the needles, it is a k2 p2 rib, and one of the needle intersections came up k^k. After looking at it last night, I saw that one of the other intersections is also laddered pretty bad.
1 good intersection out of 3 is just not going to cut it!!
With the combo of the loose knitting and the laddering, I just can not continue with the sock, even though it is like 6" long and I was almost ready to start the heal :(
I will be fogging the sock!
Using what I have learned on this "swatch", I am going to go down a needle size to a 3 and I'm going to distribute my stitches so that each needle starts with k2. Unless... Mindy brought in a sock that she is working on that she alternated the rib widths on. I might use that idea, it added a little dimension without being too busy for the color changes.
We'll see.

Oh, last Sunday, the hubby and I went with a bunch of our friends to Death Valley. It is a very beautiful ride. I took so many pictures on the way in that I had to delete some so I could take pics on the way out! :)
I have not put them in photobucket yet... sorry, I will try to post some soon. If you can't wait, check out my myspace page.

My son's football team starts the playoffs this Friday.



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