Monday, November 26

Who stole all the days?

So, if you look to right over there, it is extremely obvious that someone has stolen some days!! I sware it should still be like 30 something... shouldn't it??
Crap.. I don't think I'm going to win this one :(

I hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving.
I, on the other hand, spent the weekend sick.. and stressed like only an evil-step-mother can be.
We are trying a new thing with one of the kids, I hope it works.
On a slightly more possitive note, I have successfully eaten twice today!! yeah :)

Being sick all weekend did have a few good side effects. One, I think I actually lost weight over the long turkey weekend, two, I did not go shopping and spend all kinds of money just because things were on sale, and three, I got a decent amount of knitting done!

With x-mas looming around the ever nearing corner, I'm sure that it is no surprise that like every other crafty type person out there, I am knitting and maybe crocheting some x-mas presents. So, just in case any of those people actually stop by here, I will not be posting any details or pictures or anything about said projects until after the gifts have been given.
I already mussed up and posted pics of the red hat socks! I'm pretty sure that the person they are for does not even know that I blog, so I should be alright with that one... (fingers crossed).

Well, I have to go over to the change colors part to fix up my blog all x-mas like, I hope it gets done, and I hope you like it :)


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Mary Sarah said...

You got that right! The days are flying by. I'm sorry you were sick of the weekend and I hope you're feeling better! Hang in there with the kids. It's really hard sometimes. I don't like waiting to see what you're working on, but that's the way it goes when it's all about gifts. See you next week!