Thursday, July 31


So, while I was showing everybody how "easy" knitting a sock on two circulars is last Tuesday night, I messed up my socks! hahah
I had just put them back on the same two needles to continue knitting 2 at a time after turning the heels, and I was talking about taking liberties and "fixing" things as you go and letting go of little problems.. (ie see.. then you just k2tog and tada the right number of stitches) HA

As soon as I got home I pulled both socks back to just after turning the heels. Only 2 rows and they are all better now.
Yeah.. just let go of little problems.. my butt!! :)


ps Vogueknitting fall '08 in 5 days!

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Mary Sarah said...

LOL! Sorry ... I kept interrupting you. damn beginners!