Monday, June 9


So, I had to make a choice.. get closer to something resembling "caught up" on my knit/crochet, or blog. I know, I'm sorry. It had to be done. However, that means I haven't even loaded any of the pics off my camera.. no knitting pics.. no crochet pics, not even trip to Florida pics.. I know! I suck. I'm sorry.

Anyways, the plus side is, my niece finally got her b-day presents (about 3 months late), Jeni got her wedding blankie (2 months late) and I some how managed to kitchner the sock from last Tuesday night and knit a whole second sock in time for a party Saturday!! It was worth letting the blog slide a little.

I did have to wake up early Sat. to finish the sock, and thank goodness it was super wash.. and yes, even though I left them out on the dashboard on the way there, they were still a little moist when they came out of the gift bag hahhaa. I don't care! They were on time, and I didn't even have to use the actual b-day date! (wed.) :D

I currently have 1 project going on. That's right, I said ONE! It's the So Called Scarf it will be done tonight!! it is long enough that if I had cast off, it could have been done last night and since it 100 billion degrees here in the desert, I'm calling that one early! (even though it is probably actually late for last year ahhaa)

So, now I am going to go to Ravelry to find a pattern for the seestor whose b-day is on the 4th of July so I'll have something to work on Tuesday night and this coming Saturday which is WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY!!! Don't forget!

I will be out and about all day and into the evening. Anyone that wants to hang with me is more than welcome, and I can fit 4 bodies w/knitting bags in my fuel efficient car!! :D So far, I'm thinking Borders, Wooly Wonders, a coffee shop in Henderson, and then the Cellar in Boulder City for some wine!! (they have killer desert too). I'm open to suggestions and changes in direction too!!

On the baby front.. my daughter is on her way back to base :( She is doing well though. She has been able to keep down a fair amount of food, and she got all caught up on the sleep she was losing!! 8 weeks :)

On the not yet front, I've gotten all the blood work done, 6 tests in all, done on the correct days this time. I love my new DR so far :). This Friday I have a hysterosalpingogram. Should I be worried about the fact that it is on Friday the 13th?

It doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, but at least I won't have to do it with a full bladder like the pelvic ultrasound that I'm getting done following Tuesday night. (which means that I'll be missing yoga and cc! :( )

The directions are... at 6pm drink 48 oz of water.. make sure you have drank it all by 7pm. Then.. don't pee! Come down here so that around 8ish.. we can press on your bladder for a little while.. and umm don't pee on our bed!

I've done this one before.. trust me it truly is as bad as it sounds!

Well, I will try to load some pics and not keep yall hangin' too long! :)



courtney said...

No don't be worried! June 13th is my favorite day of the whole year! It was my gramma's bday and something magical still always seems to happen:):):)-not that there is anything magical about you having to be poked and prodded but you get what I mean :) See you tues!

Mary Sarah said...

Hey Girl! I'm anxious to get all caught up with you tonight! See you! I've had that pee test! Not a lot of fun, but doable!

Mary Sarah said...

Oops! PS. Bring some yarn! LOL