Monday, December 31


So, I have been excepted into the Heart Made Blessings family :) They have all been very welcoming, I can't wait until I am assigned a mentor so I can start donating :D!!

Also, after reading THE yarn harlot today, and remembering that my friend Val mentioned that she would like argyle leg warmers, I have decided to put her blankie on the maybe later this year's list and make the sock pattern that YH linked to for her next argyle project only made into leg warmers! YEAH! Now I'm down to one blankie before April :) and one brand new thing to try! WOO HOO!

Also, my friend Anna has sent me some yarn that I am going to turn into something and send back to her for her b-day in March.

Well, I hope ya'll have a great New Year's eve. Don't Drink and Drive!! I want to see ya'll back here next year!!


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Mindy said...

Your very brave to try the argyle pattern. I'm still shying away from colorwork. Can't wait to see how yours come out!!